Welcome to my new blog!

I think by this point I am on blog number 20 – I have made so many over the past decade.

I had been running my pervious blog nerdwithamanicure.wordpress.com for about four years and I have reached a brick wall with it.

My style has changed a so much that I felt the blog doesn’t represent me anymore. For one, I have made the switch to cruelty-free and sustainable fashion and there are a lot of posts on the old blog that goes against those beliefs.

However, I didn’t want to delete those posts, as I am proud of the blog that I created even if it doesn’t align with what I am interested in anymore. So those posts can still be viewed but this is where all the new stuff will be.

Time for a reboot! If Hollywood can get away with it then so can I.

So what will you expect from this blog:

Cruelty-free makeup: reviews of products and looks

London life: food recommendations, West-end show reviews and things to do

Musings: my life as a twenty-something in London

Other things include: sustainable fashion, travel, recipes and nonsense from my life.

For those who know nothing about me – Hi, I’m Vicki and I am a 23 year-old journalist who has recently moved to London. My life is well documented online especially on my YouTube channel youtube.com/nerwithamanicure.

I hope you stick around,


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