Fresh and glittery // Daily Look

Today’s look is a something that I was wearing a lot during the early summer. The basics of this look are natural skin contrasted with shimmer and glitter.

I achieve a natural finish to my skin using Lush’s Jackie Oats. This skin tint has very light coverage but is more a product to help calm the skin if it is sore due to redness or dryness. So that is a great product for someone with combination skin that has spots as the oats in the

So that is a great product for someone with combination skin that has spots as the oats in the formula help calm the skin but it is also very moisturising.

The other products are to add glow to the skin. Firstly, the Lush skin tint in Feeling Younger, which is a white base with golden glitter pigments. I do use on the high point of the skin to lift the skin and to make the rest of the face brighter.

One thing that I do like doing at the moment is to highlight the good rather than conceal the bad. So I would spend more time with highlighters than concealing my spots or dark circles.

The next product is blush and I used the Makeup Revolution Sugar and Spice palette, I do just mix the different shades together depending what I feel like as this palette works well when you mix several together or just use a single shade.

The Sleek Storm palette I could write an entire book about why I love these eyeshadows. The most basic look I have been using with this is using the two matte shades in the crease and under the eyes and then just washing the lightest gold all over the lid.

Finally, I use the Feature Length mascara by Barry M that is a new favorite. It lengthens and lasts all day – covers all the basics that I would ever want with a mascara.

That is it for this simple look that I do like to wear as an everyday look because it is a natural look that you can’t mess up – providing all the shimmer is blended out.

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