The West End shows I saw in 2017

I have seen 13 West end shows this year, which feels a little excessive but when I know how to get cheap tickets, I never go to the cinema anymore as I would rather go to the theatre. Let’s face it £25 IMAX tickets feel like a rip-off.
I will do full reviews of the shows that are still running later, but I thought I would give a rapid breakdown of all the shows I have seen with no spoliers.
Plus, how I never paid more than £25 for a ticket this year.

15th March
£5 – 16-25 special day seats
No longer will I say that children can’t act. Children can act, and they are all in this musical. A brilliant adaption of both the book and movie, that remains faithful while adding new twists and a slightly darker tone.

Book of Mormon
22nd March
£20 – Ticket lottery two hours before performance
Not a musical for the easily offended but a brilliant comedy that provides a fair amount of satire and commentary towards traditional religions.

6th April
£25 – Day seat from the box office
A show that remains loyal to the classic Disney version while adding in adding in new characters and songs that never detract from the original theme and story.

An American in Paris
1st July
£20 – Ticket Rush from Today Tix
This is a quintessential musical. All actors sing, act and dance in an old-fashioned way, that to modern ears may be used to, but it makes the entire play be transported to the post-war time.

20th July
£20 – From Today Tix
Raw and pure talent was seen throughout this play with so many fantastic actors that even at the end of the first half there was a standing ovation.

Our Ladies of Perpetual Succour
29th July
£20 – Ticket Rush from Today Tix
This show stole my heart the second ELO’s Mr Blue Sky was played. The cast six changed roles throughout from their main characters to entirely different characters with an instant was so impressive to watch.

Half a Sixpence
19th August
£20 – Day seat from the box office
Another classical musical that felt very in keeping with its time. From the set to the slang to the costumes and songs, the entire musical felt so in tune with its setting of Edwardian England.

42nd Street
28th August
£25 – Ticket Rush from Today Tix
Spectacular and showbiz is the best way to describe the show. The dancing and singing are brilliant. However, the spectacle of the show sometimes is all that holds the piece together as the story feels a little underwhelming.

Five Guys Named Moe
19th September
£0.00 – Connections
An immersive experience with a purpose-built theatre to showcase this performance. Konga and audience participation is not necessary but it is a feel-good play that makes you stand on your feet and sing with strangers. The play itself, like the five guys named Moe, is unique.

30th September
£25 – Ticket Rush from Today Tix
A jukebox style musical may not be for everyone as the one downside of this is that once you get into a song, they have moved on to something else. The musical shows the times and trials of 1960 and 1970’s America; with nods to the history of both the record company and the time itself.

Labour of Love
21st October
£10 – Day seat from the box office
This play is hilarious, witty and probably less politically bais as you would expect. The play goes through a history of the recent political history of the UK, but through the eyes of partners in politics who have one of the best banter and on-stage chemistry, I’ve ever seen.

The Ferryman
9th November
£25 – Ticket Rush from Today Tix
An ensemble cast like this one can be hard to keep track of. However, every character from the young children to the old grandma has unique stage time. The play handles themes of poor family life in rural Ireland, while also tackling the wider political issues in the 1980s.

Venus in Fur
30th November
£15 – Today Tix Cyber Monday deal
A play about sex, the gods, domination, feminism and a playwright and an actress. It switches between the present and a play that the actress is auditioning for, creating a blend of two different stories and creates intellectual drama by the two characters.

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  1. I see mainly tours due to not living close enough to NYC. I saw six shows last year, but base theatre years mainly off of the musicals. Little Shop of Horrors was a good musical but no where close to the next level up.

    Rent and Les Mis are two meaningful and fantastic musicals in their own way and with both last year, I was an emotional wreck. Rent is a musical I have wanted to see live since falling in love with it Fall 2012, but felt like I would never see it live because it seemed like it never tour, but after hearing it was touring summer of 2016 and coming to my city, I started convincing my parents and I finally was able to see it and my emotional expectation was exceeded when I saw it in the theatre. This was my 5th time seeing Les Mis and 1st time on tour and it was the 25th anniversary production staging and it had a lot to live up considering the fact that I had already seen Les Mis in London, but it did live up to the West End production in its own way: both with cast and staging.


  2. Ian Butters says:

    Our Ladies of Perpetual Succour had a cast of six, not five. Plus the three band members who were also onstage.


    1. Thanks for picking up on my mistake – clearly I can’t count. Those band members were brilliant – I was in awe of the lead guitarist!


  3. ohprettycity says:

    I saw three last year but definitely want to add more to the list this year!


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