Matte and smokey // Daily Look

A look that I always wear a lot during winter is a very matt and plain look. I think that the look itself can be very flexible, but the main point of this look it to keep the skin as matte as possible.
Using the NYX Total Drops I am creating a thin layer of foundation on the skin. I don’t want to hide my natural skin too much but just to even everything out. I then use the NYX powder to set everything in place and then to make the foundation matt.

After this is time for eyebrows, I do like a stronger brow with this look, so I use the NYX Tame and Frame brow pomade that give the brows a defined look. Sometimes I use Naked 2 in the Urban Decay Naked Basics palette if I want a softer brow.

Moving on to eyes I use the eyeshadow palette to create a soft look, and if I’m feeling brave, I will attempt to do eyeliner with the matte black that has been mixed with a little water.

I would use all the matte shades in the palette to create the look and just use a little and build up to the intensity that I would want. I never have a specific way of working when it comes to smokey eyes I just mix and blend until I feel happy with the look.

Any other colour on my face I will keep matte and most likely a colour from Makeup Revolution’s Sugar and Spice palette and I’ll use a mascara from Barry M.

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