Declutter my makeup collection with me

There comes a time when you have to declutter your makeup draws and get rid of the old and the out of date. I am also sorting to make my main makeup collection about 90% cruelty-free.

Fenty Foundation Review

A review of Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty foundation as part of my pale and cruelty-free series. This is a lightweight foundation that is semi-matte and comes in a huge range of colours. Perfect from the very dark to the palest of people like myself.

Matte and smokey // Daily Look

A look that I always wear a lot during winter is a very matt and plain look. I think that the look itself can be very flexible, but the main point of this look it to keep the skin as matte as possible. Using the NYX Total Drops I am creating a thin layer of foundation…

Fresh and glittery // Daily Look

Today’s look is a something that I was wearing a lot during the early summer. The basics of this look are natural skin contrasted with shimmer and glitter. I achieve a natural finish to my skin using Lush’s Jackie Oats. This skin tint has very light coverage but is more a product to help calm the…

NYX Total Drops foundation review

In my continuing search to find and pale and cruelty-free foundation, I have tried out NYX’s Total Drops foundation. This is a water-based foundation that I am honestly not too familiar with, so I struggled with it for the first few times I used it. However, I have grown to really like this type of…