Welcome to Nerd with a Manicure!

Let’s skip the formalities. Hi, I’m Vicki and I am a nerd with a manicure.

This blog explores my love for beauty and cosmetics – all of which are cruelty-free. I embraced the cruelty-free beauty lifestyle over a year ago, and I have purged (nearly) all makeup that has been tested on animals.

One caveat I will state here, which I know is controversial. I will be talking about brands whose parent companies test on animals. I do believe in voting with your money, and this is a way to show those bigger companies that I support their cruelty-free alternatives.

Also, I am still learning about this lifestyle so this is more an expression of finding the perfect products for me rather than a definitive guide to being 100% cruelty-free.

Now for the rest of my shameless self-promotion and the other places you can find me on the internet:

My YouTube channel /nerdwithamanicure, which I have run for six years, has a variety of content about beauty and my life. My two Instagram accounts are @nerdwithamanicure and @vickiemilyevans, the former is based on this blog and is only beauty related, and the latter is my life in London.

That’s all for and now I hope that you stick around,

Vicki x



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