Lush hair favourites

I have been using lush hair products for years now and to be honest I do think they are hit or miss. I’ve had a few misses in my time but here are a few hits!

Marilyn – I do love this treatment. The jury is still out if it actually makes my lighter but it is makes my hair feel smooth and soft. The smell is so zesty and sweet and it is just a generally enjoyable treatment to use.

Roots – Do not let the tingly sensation put you off because this is the deepest conditioning treatment I have ever used. The minty smell does linger so I have to rinse out the hair thoroughly.

Superbalm – This is a rescue oil for very dry and dandruff scalps. This honestly does work and it did relieved muy dandruff but it does take a while to fully wash out as the oil sticks to the hair – just don’t use too much!

Retrend – I love a thick conditioner and this is perfect for me. I think that this works perfectly for the ends of my hair as it helps nourish and without weighing it down too much.

Soak and Float – This shampoo bar is another product I bought for my dandruff and I think that this has really helped. The formula helps soothe the scalp while it really clarifies the hair as well.


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  1. I’m not a big fan of oil, but I want to try Superbalm 🙂


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